What To Consider When Looking For Child Care


What is childcare? Why is to so important for parents to have easily accessible child care services? What should you consider before settling child care?

There is an increase in the need for child care services and this could be because of the increase in the number of single parents or working parents. Other times one might need childcare simply because they are exhausted and could use a little help.

Because of this, or may a result of this, there is a great business opportunity for people who love children to go into business caring for them.

Types of child care services

Full day care- offers a structured program of care and education to children below six years for more than five hours.

Part-time care- offers a structured program and education for children below six year for 3.5 to 5 hours daily.

Sessional service- provides a structured program for not more than 3.5 hours to children below six years.

Preschool service- addresses the educational related developmental needs of children.

Family home base care- there are two types of a family home base caregiver; a notified childminder and a voluntary notified childminder.

School-age childcare- service offered for children attending primary school.

What to consider when choosing childcare

1. Pay attention to the staff

This is probably the most important thing to do when considering child care services. Watch how the staff interacts with the children in their care.

Are they on the floor playing with the children? Ideally, a caregiver should interact with the children in their care.

Engage in the games with them, bring them in groups to learn to share. Be on the lookout so no child is harmed when playing, and if there is harm, be swift to respond and comfort.

2. Commitment

Babies need consistent care and this is how they form attachments with their caregivers. If one is considering in-home caregiver, request the potential caregiver to make at a year-long commitment.

3. Do a policy check

Find out the standards of care used. Are you on the same page with the caregiver when it comes to discipline? Television? Feeding? Sleeping?  It is a good idea to be on the same page with the caregiver regarding these.

4. Do random check-ins.

This will give you the chance to view unguarded interactions between the caregivers and the children.

5. Interact with the caregivers

They will keep you updated on the progress of the child.

What do you consider important while looking for appropriate daycare?