Facts And Benefits Of Dental Implants Like A Dental Crown In Gold Coast

Dental Crowns Gold Coast

Dental implants like dental crowns Gold Coast are designed to look like natural teeth replacements that are permanently and surgically implanted in your jawbone. Dentists make your dental implant out of surgical metal known as titanium that more or less resembles a large screw with an artificial tooth on one end. The screw is implanted into your jaw bone under local anesthesia by an oral surgeon who works closely with restorative dentists to ensure the look is perfect and natural-looking. The artificial crown that people will see will resemble a real tooth and can last up to twenty years with the proper care. Implants are successful because they work much like a real tooth, with the root- in this case, the titanium holding the tooth in place.

Facts about implants and dental surgeries:

The majority of dental implants by dentists are quite successful if they are applied to a sufficient amount of high-quality bone. Most people are a good candidate for dental implants regardless of age with the exception of people with uncontrolled diabetes, or people who have rare bone disorders, bone marrow cancer or blood disorders. People who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also be disqualified as viable candidates due to the treatment weakening their bones.

Dentists Gold Coast can explain your viability as a candidate. Once the implants are in place the downtime is less than twenty-four hours to return to work or school and the discomfort can be handled with minor pain medication. Dental implants also have to be checked at least every three to four months to ensure there are no problems with fit or wear. The benefit to implants over dentures is great. Dentures if not properly fitted can look fake and not wear properly making eating painful. Improper fitting dentures can also wear down the jaw bone leading to more permanent damage and making future denture fittings just as painful.

Major benefits of dental implants:

Implants can include just a few missing teeth, dental crown Gold Coast or a whole mouth much like dentures without the poor fitting. Implants also offer a greater benefit over bridges because there is no bridgework that has to be removed and cleaned or adjusted to fit properly. Bridges and dentures can make you feel old regardless of your age or circumstances, implants are so natural-looking no one will know they are not your real teeth unless you tell them. If you think you would be a candidate for dental implants a periodontist or oral surgeon could give you more information and help you decide if implants are for you.