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Physiotherapy is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent pain and injury. It strengthens the muscles and improves their function by not only removing the ache for a short time but reducing the risk of future pain re-occurrence. This treatment can be done alone or it can be done in parallel to medical treatment for a speedy recovery from injuries. Physiotherapy can be helpful in orthopaedic, neurological, cardiovascular and back diseases. There are many big physiotherapists operating in New Zealand including Kingsland physio Auckland bringing people’s life back to normal.

Physiotherapy is a solution to address the illness or injury that can limit a person’s to move and perform daily life activities. Physical therapy includes assistance with specific exercise either manually or with the help of machines. Physical therapists also work with individuals to prevent potential injuries before they occur by developing fitness oriented healthy programs for a more active lifestyle. The need of PTs is almost in every field but they have an important role in the fitness of athletes and professional sportsmen for providing them training to abstain from injuries as well as post-injury rehabilitation for quick return into the game. Therefore, physiotherapy education is gaining importance and world-leading education systems like the USA and Canada are providing professional degrees in physical therapy. It is preferred by some patients because they don’t like to have bitter pain killers for symptomatic relief regularly as it also affects the stomach so they consider physical therapy as a permanent and long term solution. Physiotherapy Auckland is also gaining popularity among patients with back pain, sports injuries, work related injuries, stress fractures and headache etc. Some big names providing services in the city include Auckland physio, Eden physio and Kingsland Physio Auckland providing different physical therapy treatments to patients. They provide the clients with the right guidance and encouragement to maintain independence and get away from a prolonged situation where they are unable to move or perform. Physiotherapists can provide exercise prescription to patients as well as working with patients in one to one sessions to teach them proper techniques of exercises required for an individual patient. Different techniques can be helpful in different scenarios like manual therapy for joint immobilization, trigger point release to get relief from a pulled muscle or acupuncture to reduce spasm and pain. Therefore, PTs are becoming a preferred contact point for many patients over doctors; however, the importance of doctors in any situation cannot be neglected.