Why Do You Need Shoulder Arthroscopy?

shoulder arthroscopy Perth

The surgery of the shoulder arthroscopy is done with the help of the arthroscopy or tiny camera to repair and examine the tissues around or inside your shoulder joints. This tiny camera is inserted via small incision or cut in the skin. The shoulder arthroscopy Perth is done with the help of the latest technology.


The shoulder performs the movements in different directions. It moves more as compared to the other joints of the body. It works for different motions and vulnerable to injury and stress. You may hear about the shoulder injuries because these are usual among those who play sports.

The strong tissues in the shoulders hold the bones together. The tissues got injury due to the arm motion in athletes. The ruptured or the stiff muscle cause the shoulder to dislocate, unstable and weak. In this condition, you need surgery. The arthroscopy helps the surgeon to diagnose, check and treat the problem inside the shoulder joint.

When this technology was not introduced, the surgeons made large incision that affected the surrounded tissues, joint structures and muscles. They opened the shoulder joint and then repair the rupture tissue.

When to go to the doctor?

If you are feeling pain, stiffness and weakness then you need to go to the doctor. The main turns into the high discomfort in the night. It disrupts your sleep and you cannot move your arm and cannot lie on that side. This painful situation needs to go to the doctor without any delay. You may experience weakness and pain if the cuff tendon is torn. With the help of the shoulder surgeon Perth, you can get rid of the problem. It is a minor surgery that does not take much of your time in recovery.


Always select the hospital that is well-equipped with the latest tools. The experienced surgeon evaluates your shoulder by doing a physical examination and checking the medical images. Doctor will ask about the medical history or the symptoms. You need to perform easy movements and lifts to diagnose the problem. It helps your doctor to know the stability, joint motion and the muscle strength. If the injuries are minor then doctors prefer medication and some exercises to treat the problem. The occupational therapy and physical exercises reduce the swelling and pain.

If patient has no improvement then the arthroscopy is suggested to the patients.