Orthodontics South Yarra – Get A Chic Smile With Dental Implants

orthodontics South Yarra

Tooth loss is quite devastating and embarrassing situation that needs to proper dental implants to bring back that beautiful smile. The gaps from the extraction of your teeth are known to alter the jawbone structure sinking your cheeks making it have an older look, and it also makes it hard for you to chew and most often it takes away your confidence preventing you from smiling in public. Thankfully, dental implants are here to offer the perfect permanent solutions to this problem, and you can visit orthodontics South Yarra for consultation and advice.

The Dental Implants Treatments

Tooth implants have become quite popular these days since they have an advantage over the use of traditional dentures. They involve the process of surgical insertion of the titanium screw on the place where the gap exists in your jawbone. The screws serve as the primary permanent fixtures that are used later as the support of the artificial tooth although the process may take some few months it prevent further loss of tooth and also strengthen your jaw bone allowing for a better biting pressure and giving a completely natural look. The traditional dentures are time-consuming, and they require frequent cleaning routine, and they also shift around your mouth making you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

The Procedure

The cosmetic dentist South Yarra carefully evaluates the medical history and also examines your teeth he later comes up with a plan on the best way to fix the gaps of your teeth. You are then given some painkillers to keep pain at the bar before starting the procedure, and with various sleep dentistry available in the market you can ask for the best option. The sleep dentistry is a procedure that allows you to receive tooth implants under sedation making you comfortable and also pain-free.

After the sedation, the surgeon then puts the titanium screw on the jawbone created space, and the post-operative care is then performed, and you are given enough time to let the jawbone heal internally while undergoing osseointegration. The process usually takes around four to six months to recover completely and after which a replacement tooth it’s well secured to the abutment that lies on the top of your implant. The replacement teeth come in various shades, and the one that matches with your other teeth is fixed to give you a superb finish and also to bring back your beautiful smile.

The cosmetic dentists south Yarra performs the dental implants giving you permanent solutions and makes you enjoy various things in life.