The trend in Online Psychological Counseling

online psychological counselling

Although online psychological counselling has gained immense fame in recent years still many people have no idea about how it works and what it is. It is the art of dealing with a patient’s mental health problem with the assistance of a licensed online psychologist consultation. Apart from the fact that those people who know about online therapy still believe that face to face therapy is more beneficial and useful than online psychological counseling.

Some people assume it to be a joke or thinks it is just passing the time. However, the trend shows that online psychologist consultation is a practical way of dealing with mental issues. Not only this but it is also gaining popularity among those people who are busy and do not have enough time to look for a therapist. This therapy helps people having anxiety or depression disorders and who have difficulty committing to treatment.

Online Chat Rooms vs.Online Therapy

While using free chat rooms, you are discussing your problems with an unknown person who might be having the same issues as you. These hidden people will share their experiences and give you advice regarding things which have helped them and certain things which didn’t turn out. Similarly, you will share your experiences with them. There is no online therapist or group leader looking after the chat rooms. They have free settings where anyone can do and say whatever they want. That’s the biggest pro and con.

When you have the freedom to say and do whatever you like to under no supervision you never know what will happen. However, with online psychologist consultation, you are talking to an authorized therapist who has expertise in the issue you want to discuss. For example, if you are suffering from depression, you will seek advice from a counselor who specializes in grief. They will give you the best guidance rather than any solutions. They will guide you through tips and help you to heal in the best way possible.

Is Free Online Therapy Free?

In the beginning, many counseling websites offered free services, and still many of them offer a free consultation. It is not necessary to analyze that the free site will provide useless services which are not active and the paid one will have good therapist giving helpful guidance. The price of the consultation is not an indicator to know how useful it could be. Like for example, many people believe in this myth that expensive things are better than cheaper or free ones.